Listening to music makes everyone’s’ day better! You get out of the house; go for a walk and you plug in your earphones. You play your favorite song from your favorite band and you instantly feel better. But do you know what’s cooler and more relaxing than listening to music? Creating music!

Playing an instrument or singing with your voice are skills that might take years to hone before you are satisfied with your performance. Not all of us had the chance to study music from childhood, but if you’re in college now, this is the right time for you to educate yourself in as many ways as you can. I made a list of the best online courses out there for you to try out and to start learning music!

1. K12 Resources

This Google library database is full of amazing resources! Created for music educators and students of every knowledge level, the materials here are carefully researched and most importantly, commercial-free! Organized by instruments you want to learn and by the type of music you’re interested in (band, choir, orchestra), it makes everything easier when planning your lessons. Although you’re studying by yourself, with carefully documented materials and free online music, you have the certainty that a professional music educator is behind the materials you access.

With assurance in the precision of your materials, your progress will occur much faster, and you will play or sing with much more confidence, knowing that you are on the right track. 

2. BrainPOP Music Resources

This very user-friendly resource makes your online learning that much easier. BrainPOP is an education platform used all over the world, with subjects from Science to Arts and Music. Created to help classroom teachers and online education, this website makes studying a pleasure. Although games and animations might seem a little childish for a grown student, I assure you that when learning the basics in any field, a simplified approach helps everyone. Teaching theory and giving you the possibility to make music online and test your knowledge makes this app a top recommendation!

3. YouTube

My favorite way is to study based on what you find on Youtube. I don’t have anything specific in mind, but technology took us really far. Watching someone from another part of the world play the guitar and teaching you how it works is amazing. Living in the 21st century has some amazing technological benefits for students. From using an online essay editor to help you with your studies, when you run out of time, to using the Internet to watch someone teaching you how to play the music. My advice is to look for a content creator and teaching method that works for you.


If you are looking for sites specializing in instruments, check out MUSICTHEORY. On this website, you can find amazing theory lessons on music. Starting with chord basics, it helps create a strong foundation for any practical exercises. Another benefit of MUSICTHEORY is that you can purchase two amazing apps for your mobile phone that will help you study anywhere, anytime, making your study of music very relaxing.

5. Noteflight

Once you have the basics of music, you should check out Noteflight to take your skills to the next level. Knowing the first steps will get you so far, but once you start creating music for yourself, that’s when you feel like you’re actually growing. Noteflight is a platform where you can post, edit, create, sell and purchase music from other enthusiasts like yourself. If you have some notes to add to a piece of sheet music, you can do that and then sell it to other music students. With their learning section, you can record live audio into scores, and check how correct you play an instrument or sing with your voice.

Final Thoughts

When someone is passionate about something, they will do it with pleasure. It doesn’t matter if from time to time it might get difficult. That’s when passionate people choose to take it as a challenge, not as an obstacle. That’s how you should look at the self-study of music. By having many music programs when it comes to choosing your online teacher, it helps you find the teaching method suited for you. The beauty of music is that it works wonderfully different for each of us.

Emma Rundle

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