DIY music education resources are available in abundance. You just need to know where to look, and find the right options for you.

Listening to music makes everyone’s’ day better! You get out of the house; go for a walk and you plug in your earphones. You play your favorite song from your favorite band and you instantly feel better. But do you know what’s cooler and more relaxing than listening to music? Creating music!

Playing an instrument or singing are skills that might take years to master. Whether you’re in high school, college, or pursuing ongoing self-education, it’s never a bad time to reinvest in yourself.

Here are the best online courses out there for you to try, so you can start learning music!

1. YouTube


YouTube is a limitless well of knowledge and expertise. Whether you want to watch a guitarist from halfway across the world playing “Smoke on the Water,”  check out Nord’s latest electric piano, or watch Def Leppard’s rig rundown, your choices are only growing by the day.

YouTube is a resource like no other. We live in amazing times to be able to take advantage of it.

Even beyond that, the number of free and low-cost tools are expanding quickly. Whether it’s an online essay editor to help you with your studies, or cloud storage solutions like Dropbox, most of us have only scratched the surface of what’s possible, both as creators and consumers. You can take advantage of YouTube to stay cutting edge with such unique and exciting developments.

2. BrainPOP


This very user-friendly resource makes your online learning that much easier. BrainPOP is an education platform used all over the world, with resources ranging from Science to Arts and Music.

Created to help classroom teachers and online education, this website makes studying a pleasure. Although games and animations might seem a little childish for a grown student, when learning the basics in any field, a simplified approach helps everyone.

At BrainPOP, you have the opportunity to learn music theory, make music online, and even test your knowledge. That makes this app a top recommendation.


If you are looking for sites specializing in instruments, check out On this website, you can find amazing theory lessons on music. Starting with chord basics, it helps create a strong foundation for all practical applications.

Another benefit of MUSICTHEORY is that you can purchase two amazing apps for your mobile phone that will help you study anywhere, anytime, making your study of music very relaxing.

4. Noteflight


Once you have the basics of music, you should check out Noteflight to take your skills to the next level. It’s one thing to learn about music. Quite another to make your own.

Noteflight is a platform where you can post, edit, create, sell, and purchase music from other enthusiasts like yourself. If you have some notes to add to a piece of sheet music, you can do that and sell it to other music students. With their learning section, you can even turn live audio into scores.

5. Musical U

Musical U

There are many places to learn music online. But we don’t know of any platform that offers a better membership experience than Musical U, a community that was built around helping you gain confidence in yourself as a musician.

Musical U values personal expression, and envisions a future where anyone who wants to learn to play music, sing, or write songs, can. Because the reality is, anyone who aspires to creating and performing can learn the basic skills necessary to express themselves creatively.

Musical U is home to multiple courses, an online community / forum, and other goodies that will keep you stimulated while you’re doing one of the most beautiful things you could ever choose to do – learn to make music!

6. Content Marketing Musician, DIY Music Education for Independent Artists

Content Marketing Musician

We may be a little biased (no, we definitely are 😉), but if you haven’t been to Content Marketing Musician lately, you’re missing out on a vast library of content that has the potential to help you create the life you love through music.

Learning music can be a lot of fun. But once they’ve learned the basics, many students transition to recording and performing. Once they’ve recorded their works, and have started performing, they transition to becoming a creator and promoter. Fundamentally, there are very few credible resources bridging these gaps!

At Content Marketing Musician, there are a myriad of courses, programs, forums, and even personalized coaching opportunities to tap into. Here are but a few options that are well worth exploring:

We would not bet against Content Marketing Musician in 2023 and beyond.

Final Thoughts, DIY Music Education

When someone is passionate about something, they will do it with pleasure. It doesn’t matter if from time to time the going gets rough. That’s when the passionate take it as a challenge to rise above, not as an obstacle to avoid. That’s how you should look at the self-study of music.

There are many solutions available, but there are only so many quality DIY music education resources. So, choose wisely. Find the right teacher for you. Music works differently for each of us, and that’s one of the beautiful things about it.

By the way, if you’re looking for a way to get started with creating the life you love through music, we recommend our books. Throw your hat over the fence and make a commitment to your growth in music. It will only more strongly affirm the direction you’ve chosen for yourself.

Emma Rundle

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