Thanks to the Internet, it’s easier than ever to share your music with the world.

And, recording equipment is more affordable than ever, making it easier to put together awesome tracks from the comfort of your own home.

From desks and chairs to microphone stands, a basic recording set-up need not be fancy. With decent equipment and the right space to record music, anyone with a budget can become a producer.

This article explores the components musicians need to have to be able to come up with decent tracks.

Here are the top five musician must-haves:

You’ve Got to Have a Computer

First, you need a computer.

There are a ton of computers available today, but Apple is still a great way to go. Whether a big PC or a handy laptop, Mac continues to live up to its legacy.

While we don’t discredit the many the ways other brands are innovating,  MacBooks have some of the most popular and easy-to-use DAWs.

Logic Pro X and GarageBand are packed with amazing features that can replicate the sound of the best drums sets and other instruments.

Depending on which Mac you buy, prices can range from a little over $600 to five times that price. Check the specs and ensure you get everything you need.

Studio Monitors & Headphones are Great for Editing and Mixing

Studio monitors are probably the most critical piece of equipment you can have for your studio. With proper reference, you can get a better mix, and it’s best not to cheap out on an unreliable pair.

Headphones also come in handy, especially in environments where you can’t make a lot of racket. Having a clear understanding of closed back and open back headphones and the purpose they each serve can go a long way towards helping you achieve desired results in the studio.

If you can’t afford two pair of great quality headphones, then just get one pair for now. Even great quality headphones aren’t overly expensive these days. If anything, they’ve come down in price.

If you need help, ask someone who uses headphones every single day. They’ll be able to point you in the right direction.

Microphones are Essential for Tracking Various Instruments & Vocals

What’s a recording set-up without a good microphone? Sure, laptops and smartphones have built-in microphones, but when you’re determined to put out quality music, nothing beats dedicated professional microphones.

If you can afford it, better quality microphones are always best. But again, it’s possible to get great quality mics without spending an arm and a leg. Some mics do many things well, such as large diaphragm condensers, which you can use to capture acoustic guitars, vocals, pianos, strings and so on.

Finding the perfect mic for shouldn’t be as challenging. When you’re still starting out, one microphone should do the job. But as you work on your craft and improve as a producer, you’ll likely want to invest in more mics.

You Can’t Forget Your Desk & Chair

Even the most dedicated musicians forget making music takes hours of dedication. So, it pays to have a comfortable desk and chair. An ergonomic chair and a good desk can help you create better music, assuming they support your end goal.

If you already have a desk and chair, then you may not need to put money towards replacements. If, on the other hand, you end up sacrificing your workflow because your equipment isn’t what you need, then it’s going to make a big difference.

Ensure that your desk has sufficient space for all your equipment, including your computer, monitor, speakers and more.

Also find a comfortable chair that’s well-suited to your desk. If you can adjust its height, even better.

Acoustic Paneling can Help You Get a Better Sound

While not an absolute necessity, iIf you have dedicated space for recording music, you won’t regret investing in acoustic paneling.

Acoustic panels cut down on excess noise, so if your neighbors or roommates don’t share your passion, you’re more likely to be able to work in peace.


The price of your equipment will not dictate the quality of your music. But equipping yourself with the right gear can make a difference.

Tools aren’t everything. A world-class drummer on a cheap, junior drum set is still a world-class drummer. But there’s no doubt they sound their best when they’re using gear they love.

So, make the most of what you’ve got and keep working on your craft. These are the key factors to focus on as you look to make better music.

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