Looking for free music apps?

Over the last decade, music distribution has fundamentally changed. Here in 2020, it is far easier to access music than it was in the past, as we can either stream or download music.

Downloading music comes with its many perks, as you can access these songs offline, without having to rely on an active internet connection.

There are many free music download apps for Android that allow you to do this very thing. But which one should you download?

This post seeks to make your decision process easy, as we have carefully curated the top 10 free music download apps for Android in 2020.

10 Best Free Music Apps for 2022

This list has been carefully compiled, taking into consideration everything that users look for when choosing a free music download app.

The features, advantages, and disadvantages of each of these apps will be carefully analyzed, helping you choose the best one for you.

In no specific order, these are the 10 best free music download apps for Android in 2020:

1. Wynk Music

This is one of the most popular free music download apps for Android.

This app has a huge database, with millions of songs. It allows users to stream music, download tracks, and listen offline.

You can search for music via genres, song titles, artist, moods, among other options. In addition to top 40 fare, you will also find Hollywood and Bollywood songs with this app.

Essentially, this app is designed to serve a broad audience base, as it has something for everyone.

Download Wynk Music

2. 4Shared

This is probably the most popular music download app on the Android operating system.

4Shared has large database that’s comprised of several million songs. Users can also upload files or music to their account, further increasing the database. Users are given 15 GB worth of free cloud storage once they’ve registered.

4shared is designed with a community feel in mind, as it allows for collaboration and sharing. The user interface is very simple and easy to navigate, allowing for a great user experience. The 4shared free music download app is definitely one to use in 2020.

Download 4shared

3. MixerBox Music Downloader

This is one of the most notable free music download apps for Android in 2020.

This app gives users access to its large collection of songs. It is very well designed, as there are no hidden menus or buttons, so you can easily perform whatever operations you want.

The app is also aesthetically attractive. You can download from YouTube and several other media sources using MixerBox. You can search for music by albums, genres, moods, artist, etc. There is also a music newsfeed that provides music suggestions to users.

Download MixerBox

4. RockMyRun

This is one of the best music apps that’s great for people who love working out. The app has some of the best DJ mixes for running, walking, and other forms of exercises.

You can stream music online or download the tracks so you can listen offline too. You can match up the BPM of the songs with your heart rate. You get suggestions based on your workout type. You can search by genres and several other options, which makes it easy for you to find what you’re looking for.

Download RockMyRun

5. Angami Music Downloader

This noteworthy app works best for people in Asia, or people who enjoy Asian music. You can find both older and newer Asian songs, which you can also download.

You can keep a running list of your favorite songs to download later. You can also create playlists to keep your favorite songs in one place.

Download Angami Music Downloader now

6. Music Paradise Pro

The Music Paradise Pro app is one that allows users to download their favorite songs for offline listening. This app is very popular because of its many features.

Finding your favorite music is easy with their powerful search feature. The app supports multiple file download.

Download Music Paradise Pro

7. Napster

Napster offers you access to a huge repository of music, so you can be sure to find both old and new songs.

This app also allows you to listen to FM radio stations, which gives users a very complete music experience. Napster is very well designed, as its UI is sleek and devoid of complexities. This is a noteworthy music app for Android.

Download Napster here

8. Music Maniac Mp3 Downloader

Music Maniac has a very well-designed user interface. Its user experience design is equally of a high quality. This app grants you access to a huge music database that contains classic and recent songs. Indeed, this app is for music maniacs.

Download Music Maniac

9. Tunee

Tunee possesses several features that sets it apart from other music download apps. The design is very sleek, and its aesthetics are appealing.

You can easily find whatever songs you’re looking for using Tunee. Downloading music on this app is very fast, ensuring you can download many songs in a short period of time.

Download Tunee

10. SuperCloud MP3 Downloader

This is one of the best music downloader apps. It’s simple and performs downloads very quickly. You can also stream music for free on, allowing you to preview any track you want to download.

SuperCloud is available for a wide range of Android versions – 2.3 and above – meaning that most people with an Android phone can gain access to its many wonderful features.

Download Supercloud MP3 Downloader

Free Music Apps Conclusion

There you have it, the 10 best free music download apps for Android in 2020. These apps each offer different benefits to their users.

Now that you know all the benefits of each, you can easily choose the best one for you.


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