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How to Develop a Workflow for Your Blogging EffortsNot long ago, I was browsing through Darren Rowse’s YouTube channel when I came across a video entitled My Blog Post Workflow (see embed below). I am always interested in seeing what kind of habits successful people have developed in their particular field, so this video piqued my interest and I had to take a look. I’ve been wanting to make some improvements to my blogging and content marketing efforts.

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Though I did not anticipate coming to any great realizations, I actually gleaned a lot of great takeaways from this video. I guess there is more to it than I would have thought. Rowse’s process goes something like this:

  1. He stores post ideas in a folder on his desktop
  2. He create a document and jots down his ideas in point-form in his word processor
  3. He begins adding more points and sentences, further refining the post
  4. He fleshes out the post in its entirety
  5. He imports the article into a blogging tool like Ecto or Windows Live Writer
  6. He formats the text (bold, italics, headers, etc.)
  7. He finds an image for the post (this can be pretty time-consuming depending on what you’re looking for)
  8. He publishes the post as a draft
  9. He makes the final tweaks: he chooses a category for the post, and then he takes the time to re-read it and proofread it
  10. He comes back to the post in the next 24 hours and makes final tweaks to the post
  11. He publishes the post to his site

When I write, I typically format and publish my posts all on the same day! Meanwhile, Rowse gives a lot more thought to things like finding credible sources, how an article reads and an article’s overall connectivity. From the sounds of it, he even comes back to his posts multiple, multiple times! To my credit, I do edit a lot of my articles or add to them later, but I find that it is work that could be done on the front-end rather than the back-end.

Also, I’d never heard of Ecto or Windows Live Writer before watching this video, so that was a bit of a mind boggler for me. There is a lot of praise for Windows Live Writer (I don’t own a Mac) and though I am still learning how it works, I can see how it could come in handy. Time will tell if I actually integrate it into my process.

What does your blogging process look like? What tools do you use?

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