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The Six Inches Between Your EarsI believe that people are meant to live to be 120 years old.

I don’t believe that the human body was meant to deteriorate and expire after 80 years.

I believe that when you turn 60, you still have half of your life ahead of you.

I don’t believe that turning 40 means you are “mid-aged”.

I believe that retirement offers freedom of choice.

I don’t believe that retirement means stopping.

I believe that retirement can be productive and enjoyable.

I don’t believe that retirement should be idle or boring.

I believe that passing on one’s knowledge and experience onto a younger generation is a privilege earned through a track record of wise decisions.

I don’t believe that younger people were meant to “figure it out on their own”.

I believe that respecting elders is a virtue.

I don’t believe that “old” is a word.

I believe that life can be exciting and fun at any age.

I don’t believe that I will lose my sight, my hearing, my sense of smell, my sense of taste, my sense of touch, my hair, my intelligence, my strength, or my hope simply because I age.

I believe that death occurs when one yields to numbness, pain, guilt, shame, boredom, and hopelessness.

I don’t believe that death is caused by sickness or old age.

I believe that living occurs when one finds what makes them come alive.

I don’t believe that true fulfillment comes through slaving away for another man’s dream.

I believe that success is a lifelong journey.

I don’t believe that learning, growing, or risk-taking ends at graduation.

I believe that the six inches between your ears determines your outlook on life, and therefore your future.

I don’t believe that science can tell us everything there is to know about life.

I believe that how you see the world is a byproduct of your thoughts, and changing your thoughts can change your world.

I don’t believe that we are subject to “laws” and “facts” that haven’t even been proven.

I believe that words have the power to create or destroy.

I don’t believe in pre-determinism by genetics.

Those who say “impossible” to the above have become victims of their own upbringing, training, education and the media. Instead of challenging the lies, they cling to the status quo and defend their views by becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy. They prove their point by becoming the point.

What do you believe?

David Andrew Wiebe

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