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The 180 TheoryThe 180 Theory: 180 degrees / 365 days = 0.4931506… degrees per day

People don’t usually change unless there’s a reason to change. In other words, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with their current state of being (from their perspective) unless they begin to see how it could change for the better. You’re already giving your very best until you recognize where you can improve.

Assuming that you see a lifestyle modeled by a mentor or someone successful that you want to emulate, human nature tends to dictate that you want to make that change as fast and efficiently as you possibly can, because we tend to want instant gratification.

However, instigating this type of instant change in your life is either immensely difficult or downright impossible. Even if you do achieve the results you want short term, your foundation is shaky so it would likely break down over the long term. Unfortunately, you would find yourself being pulled back to your old habits.

So then, change is a process. Habit formation can be instant, but only as result of a significant, impactful event. The only difference between a person settling for mediocrity and a person challenging the status quo is a difference in habits. Successful people are those with successful habits.

Trying to make a complete 180 in your life in a short amount of time is almost entirely fruitless. However, over the course of 365 days, a full year, you could make a small, incremental 0.5 degree shift every day. You could make a little change daily that would add up to a bigger change long term. You could get to the point where you are turned decisively in the direction of your goals and dreams. If that 0.5 degree turn seems too daunting, you could probably still make a 0.1 degree shift daily. You could still get to where you want to go.

The beauty of this idea is that most if not all of us probably don’t need to make a 180 degree turn to get to where we want to go. A few simple tweaks. A few good books. Some good audio programs. A couple of good mentors. It could make a tremendous difference in your life.

Most of us probably aren’t off-track by 180 degrees, whether we know it or not. The difference between you and the person you want to be is a matter of daily choices. It’s about doing what you can do today, and then doing that consistently in the days, weeks, months and years that follow.

David Andrew Wiebe

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