Many young people dream of becoming music stars while they are still students. It seems like something impossible, but in reality, any dream might come true. Specialists from ProHighGrades collected some of them on this page, you can find examples of how some students could become music stars as well as tips on how to become a good student and achieve musical and academic excellence.

Top 7 Students Who Became a Music Star

There are many famous singers who became music stars while they were students in high school or university. Here are some of the artists who were still in school when they became popular:

Lorde: She became a singer while she was still in school, and she was only 16 years old when she became famous. Her first album Love Club became a hit immediately, and she won many awards right after her music career began to take off. She is one of the most popular musicians from New Zealand these days.

Madonna: Many people dream about seeing her show at least once in their lives. She is a pop star that started her career as a musician in the 1980s. She attended Michigan University of Music, Theater, and Dance, and later she moved to New York City and became a queen of pop music.

Billie Eilish: She achieves success when she was only 17. Billie began singing at a very early age when she was 8, and her first song, “Ocean Eyes”, became popular right after being published. Her new album is ranked at the top of the charts and she has fans from all over the world.

Zendaya: She is an American actress and singer. Zendaya has been modeling and dancing since her childhood years. She appeared on a series Dancing with the Stars and later starred in the Marvel Spider-Man movies.

Hailee Steinfeld: She first started acting only when she was 10 years old, and she starred in many movies and started recording songs when she was a teen. Hailee has been working hard to achieve her fame in acting and singing, and now she is one of the youngest famous artists.

Twenty One Pilots: Both members (Josh Dun – drummer, and Tyler Joseph – singer and guitarist) of the band were college friends that decided to become musicians. Only a year after the debut they did not only become one of the most famous rock bands, but also received a Grammy. Now, their songs are played on all radio stations and tickets to their concerts are consistently sold out.

Weezer: After the release of their first work and record, frontman Rivers Cuomo became a Harvard student and pursued a degree in Art and English while playing in a group. Rivers completed his degree at the age of 35, after his musical success.

Tips on How to be a Good Student

  • During our life, we all get an education and attempt to achieve our goals. If you want to pursue a career in music and be well-educated, use these tips on how to study well:
  • Plan your time wisely. Instead of trying to do all the assignments at once, create a schedule and put all of the tasks on it. Think about how much time you will need to complete all of them.
  • Find a place where you can study. It is important to find a workplace where no one will be able to distract you. You can study in a library or in a student’s space.
  • If there is not much time left for you to do homework, break down the assignment and complete it in a few sessions.
  • Ask for help if you need it. If you don’t understand how to do an assignment, ask your teacher to explain it to you. Don’t be afraid to do that since the goal of the teacher is to help you understand their subject.
  • Take breaks. While you are studying, don’t try to do everything at once because this way you will get tired faster. Take breaks from time to time when working on homework, and your mind and body will feel much better.
  • Put away the gadgets and focus on the task. If you want to concentrate on the assignment, don’t use the phone and avoid surfing the net. Phones might take too much of your time, so it’s best to stop using them when you are working on assignments.

Become a Successful Music Student

If you want to become an artist and succeed at college, you have all the chances to achieve that. Of course, you will have to work hard and do something for your goals every day. The best thing you could do is to believe in yourself and never give up, even if you face a lot of obstacles on your path.

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