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Over time, Music Entrepreneur HQ has grown into a premier resource for musicpreneurs and music entrepreneurs.

But that also means our site is HUGE with over 850 posts, and it’s growing every week.

So, if you aren’t sure where to start, it’s not your fault.

We’ve taken the time to pick out a bunch of posts in various categories that we think will set you up for success.

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Recent Posts

Some of our recent posts represent the best place to get started, because our message and philosophy (of helping you create the life you want through music) are clearly reflected in them.

Let’s set you up for success with the following:

Music Entrepreneurship

At Music Entrepreneur HQ, this is how we define music entrepreneurship:

The act of taking a business-based approach to your music career to create faster and better results, more opportunity, more revenue streams, more impact, and more freedom.

It’s as simple as that.

But we know you want to go deeper, and we’ve got several articles you’ll find helpful. They are as follows:

What is a Musician Entrepreneur?
Why Entrepreneurship is the Way Forward for Musicians Everywhere
The 4 Pillars of Success in Music
4 Things Musician Entrepreneurs Need To Be Building

If you want to get it all in one place, you’ll want to pick up a copy of The Essential Guide to Music Entrepreneurship and The Music Entrepreneur Code.

Making Money

Many people assume entrepreneurship is about making money at the expense of all other things – sleep, health, relationships, and so on.

At Music Entrepreneur HQ, we don’t buy into that idea, even if short-term sacrifice might be part of the journey.

Still, making money is exciting, and it can be used as a measuring stick for progress and success depending on the game you’re playing.

Here are some helpful articles in this category:

9 Ways to Make More Money in the Music Industry
How Do Musicians Make Money? Here Are 7 Ways!
7 Ways Musicians Can Make Extra Money
27 Ways I’ve Made Money in Music & You Can Too
Managing Your Money as a Musician

Music Marketing

A musician’s journey typically begins with wood-shedding and learning one’s craft (if you’re still in the phase, we recommend checking out the Musical U online community).

But unless you’re planning to become a jazz or classical musician, there isn’t necessarily a clear path laid out for you.

As musicians go to work on their music, they soon realize they need a way to get it out into the world. This is what music marketing is all about.

Here are a few articles worth reading on the topic:

What is Music Marketing?
How Has Music Marketing Changed in the Internet Age?
The Difference Between Music Distribution and Music Marketing… and why that’s important

Who is David Andrew Wiebe?

Chiefly, David Andrew Wiebe is the Founder & CEO of Music Entrepreneur HQ.

He’s been curating resources, connecting musicians with the right tools, and coaching music entrepreneurs for over 11 years.

But in case you’d like to learn more about him, here are some helpful articles:

Hi, I’m David Andrew Wiebe
About David Andrew Wiebe
David Andrew Wiebe Timeline & Profile

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As noted, we’ve created a lot of content and tools for musicians like you.

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