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Now let's get back to the article.

This is Music Entrepreneur HQ’s origin story.

We felt it important to create this because we understand human behavior. We know that some people, when they find our site, are going to find our blog archives, scroll to the bottom, and click the first thing they see.

This is how binge reading, listening, or watching, works right? If you like something, you start at the beginning and work your way through.

We don’t recommend doing this with our site. Because the first thing you’re going to see are some music reviews, early interviews I did (with people like Derek Sivers and Tommy Tallarico), and some vague posts about being a good hang.

These are all great posts. They truly are. And most are still relevant, while some don’t have as much to do with what we’re up to today (but still brings people to our website).

That isn’t to say we haven’t deleted irrelevant and outdated posts, combined posts that touch on similar topics, or tweaked old posts that have a good message that could be framed a little better. We have done this and continue to do it ongoingly!

All I’m saying is – the best way to enjoy this site might not be to start at page one and try to work your way through to page 600.

With that, here’s our origin story.

Some Projects Begin with an End in Mind, Others Begin This Way…

We know what Music Entrepreneur HQ stands for today. It’s one of a kind (we’ll talk more about that a little later).

But this project officially began in 2007 as Basement Music Marketing. Catchy title, isn’t it? I still kind of like it.

(I guess you could even say it started when I interviewed Riley Armstrong back in 2005.)

There are still remnants of blog posts I wrote around that time, like How Important is Website Design as a Musician?

But the main thing I want to communicate here is that when I got started, I just got started. I didn’t know exactly what I was building or even that I wanted to turn it into a business (turns out I did).

As I was making music, I soon found out that I loved writing and blogging too, to where I wrote multiple books.

Then, in 2009, I started podcasting to promote my own music.

And before I knew it, I was interviewing musicians, venue owners, union representatives, music marketing experts, tech company CEOs, internet business gurus, and a whole lot more.

My focus turned from just making music to combining my love of music with my love of business. There are more than a couple of rich backstories around that.

Then I started creating more and more resources for struggling, angry, fed up musicians.

So, the Best Way to Think About What We’ve Got Here is That…

It’s a record of my journey.

At first, I started publishing on every topic imaginable. Today, we’re a lot more specific and intentional about what we publish and the message we want to share. That goes for our products too.

It took us a while to get to this point, but we’re proud of our work regardless. That’s why we didn’t just delete everything and start over. There is so much in the archives that’s still of value.

So, perhaps a better way of going through the archives is finding topics that pique your interest and engaging with that content first. The Start Here page is also helpful.

But I said I would talk a little bit about what Music Entrepreneur HQ has developed into. Let’s get to that now…

Music Entrepreneur HQ – The Only Resource Dedicated to Teaching You How to Create the Life You Want Through Music

I will never claim to have figured everything out.

But there are some cool things I’ve been able to accomplish on this journey.

I started 2015 with a mere $700 in my bank account, fearful of calls from creditors.

So, I started working my butt off and took every job and gig offered.

By summer 2016 I was able to start working entirely from home. I didn’t have to go to the guitar studio to teach lessons or to the theaters at the university to tech host events anymore.

In 2019 I earned my location independence. I created the possibility of living the laptop lifestyle. I moved from Calgary, AB to Abbotsford, BC and have “conquered” huge sections of western Canada, and parts of the States:

Merritt, Hope, Chilliwack, Abbotsford, Mission, Langley City, Surrey, Coquitlam, Burnaby, Vancouver, North Vancouver, Richmond, and even Blaine and Seattle, WA. Oh yeah, I made it out to Silverthorne, CO in December 2019 too.

I’m still in this just as much as you are, figuring out what works in modern digital marketing for musicians. But I’m incredibly grateful for the life I now have.

I make music. I participate in compilations. I study. I write. I podcast. I make videos. I explore. I enjoy. I eat (I’m a serious foodie). I live life. And it’s amazing.

I can help you do the same. Welcome to Music Entrepreneur HQ.

Music Entrepreneur HQ, The Origin Story

There is certainly more to the story than I’ve shared here, and you’re more than welcome to comb through the archives to find out what happened every step of the way. I will never turn you off from doing that.

After all, isn’t that the best kind of resource? Once that’s authentic? One that shows I’m human and that I’ve had struggles too?

When I wrote my popular book, The New Music Industry, I followed that thought process to the nth degree. I revealed all my struggles to that point and offered advice that would allow people like you to skip right over those hurdles before you came across them. I still do that.

I hope you enjoyed this origin story and extract a mountain of value from Music Entrepreneur HQ. Welcome. Stick around a while and don’t be a stranger.

David Andrew Wiebe

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