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How are you staying motivated as a creative? Do you find that you have an endless supply of ideas to tap into? Are you as prolific and productive as you would like to be?

The My Top 10 Tips for Creatives eBook – written by David Andrew Wiebe – presents you with an opportunity to get some common creative challenges handled.

We’ve found that a lot of creatives tend to:

  • Have cluttered minds, cluttered homes, or cluttered workspaces – maybe all of the above.
  • Have trouble coming up with fresh ideas on a regular basis.
  • Wait around for inspiration to strike.
  • Not have systems in place to support their creative efforts.
  • Not have processes that helps them stick to their goals and deadlines.

The good news is that these challenges can be overcome.

You can clear mental and physical space, you can generate new ideas on a regular basis, and you can create simple-to-follow systems that help you accomplish more.

By the time you’ve implemented the tips suggested in this eBook, you’ll:

  • Be able to think more clearly. Work that used to be a struggle will become a lot easier to do.
  • Be able to achieve a sense of control, which is empowering.
  • Become an idea machine. No longer will you feel trapped in the same old way of doing things.
  • Stay inspired. Better to be prolific, brilliant and healthy over the long haul than to burn out on the alter of short-term productivity, right (we’re paraphrasing Todd Henry here)?
  • Build confidence in yourself. Creatives tend to be a little up and down emotionally – that’s okay, but it’s nice to feel better about yourself and the decisions you’re making.
  • Boost your productivity. Get more of what matters done in less time.
  • Achieve more clarity. You’ll reignite your passion and purpose.
  • Simplify your life. Focus allows you to become a specialist in a chosen area and to leave a personal legacy.
  • Challenge your comfort zone. That won’t happen unless you give it a good old fashion try, though!


My Top 10 Tips for CreativesAwesome. Good news – the eBook comes packaged with the audio version, and even then it’s only $7 CAD.

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