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This infographic comes to us via Alex Mckendrick, Head of Digital at Burstimo.

Writing an effective band bio is a subject I’ve covered quite a bit here on the blog. But it’s always nice to have everything laid out for you in infographic form.

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Right. Now, onto the goods!

After releasing your music, your next step is to move on to your music promotion strategy. But like your music you should ensure the content you are driving your potential fans towards gives enough value for them to become long term fans.

If this is the first time the fan has heard of your band, they may look at your Spotify profile for more information. This is your opportunity to give the reader an overview of your career to date as well as your background and accomplishments. Most music PR companies will need you to have this in place already to launch your campaign.

We all know that one of life’s most difficult challenges is to write about yourself, so here are some tips on how to structure your artist bio, and what to include.

Tips for creating a bio Burstimo infographic

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