In case you didn’t know, I put together a free 6,000-word guide on the topic of musicpreneurship in 2015.

Since this site is called The Music Entrepreneur HQ, you would likely expect it to be a valuable resource for music entrepreneurs. And, there are a growing list of blog posts, podcast episodes, and products that cover the subject in detail.

But for those who are just getting started, or for those who want to review the basics, I don’t think there’s any resource as comprehensive and helpful as my guide on musicpreneurship.

My philosophy on free guides and eBooks is “don’t sweat the free stuff”, meaning we at TME embrace Seth Godin’s “ship” mentality, and we don’t try to perfect things that anyone can access at no cost. But this isn’t to say we don’t aim to create high-quality content, because we do.

But last year I started thinking about updating the various guides and eBooks I have available – not just because there might be a few quick spelling or grammatical errors that need to be fixed, but also because the information needs to be refreshed.

In the case of The Essential Guide to Musicpreneurship, there were several areas I felt I could add additional detail to, as well as information that needed to be revised to reflect my current reality (i.e. I made reference to a company I invested in, which unfortunately went belly up at the end of 2015).

So, you can now access this free guide in its latest iteration. If you’ve read this guide before, you know what to expect already. You can read it to learn about: what a musicpreneur is, how an entrepreneur thinks, how creativity connects to business, why musicpreneurship is necessary, starting businesses, investing in businesses, and more. The core of the guide remains the same – but there are additional details in there to help you advance your career.

Have a look and let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

David Andrew Wiebe

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