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Now let's get back to the article.

If you aren’t already an Elite Players: All Access Pass member, here’s what you missed out on this week:

  • August applications have closed, but you can still view the landing page to learn more about the academy
  • We added a Start Here module to help new members navigate the online academy
  • Two juicy new members only audios were added to the Members Only Audios module, including some insider tips from Justin Longo not seen in his recent blog interview or podcast appearance

More updates to come next week (as promised)!

If You Aren’t an Elite Players: All Access Pass Member, You’re Missing Out

Elite Players: All Access Pass is our premium online academy for musicians who want to get their music heard, grow their fan base, build their online presence, develop their social media following, earn more money from their music, succeed as a DIY artist, discover how the music biz works, find new collaborative partners, thrive in the new music industry, and more.

Isn’t it time you became a member?

Keep an eye on the landing page for the next available opportunity to join Elite Players: All Access Pass.

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