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Challenging the Status Quo: Jobs & PassionThere’s something unconventional about pursuing a life in music, isn’t there? It challenges the status quo.

It’s one of the reasons it can leave others around you feeling uncomfortable. It forces them to consider whether they’re pursuing their dream.

Let’s be honest. There’s nothing comfortable about pursuing your passion.

There's nothing comfortable about pursuing your passion. Click To Tweet

So, watch out for those crabs in a bucket. They will be there to drag you down.

If we believe in ourselves, and are committed to our success, we must develop a strong mindset and have the guts to challenge the status quo.

What Does Status Quo Mean? & Status Quo Definition

Anything that becomes “standard” or “the norm” over time is the status quo.

If you typically go to Denny’s after a show with your band, that would be the status quo. Going for pizza would be going against the grain.

When you choose to become a musician, you are going against the grain. Doing something most people will call difficult, impractical, a pipe dream even.

The truth is you can make it as an independent musician, and even make a killing from it.

It will take work, and it won’t be easy, because you’ve got to be self-motivated. But it’s 100% possible. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

What Does it Mean to Challenge the Status Quo?

Based on the established context, it means to follow your heart. Pursue your passion. Do something you love to do regardless of what anyone else says.

It’s not like becoming a professional musician is easy. Reaching any of your goals will probably take more time and effort than you ever imagined!

There is no instant payoff like there is at a job. I’ve always said the quickest way to make money is at a job.

But long-term, a job simply can’t give you the fulfillment and excitement you seek. If you’re passionate about music, only music can satisfy your desires.

Plus, music is an asset. You can put a concrete value on a job (e.g. $17 an hour) but as my business coach James Schramko says, you can’t apply simple math to building an asset.

You can't apply simple math to building an asset. Click To Tweet

Creating intellectual property (i.e. music) is like an investment. There’s a payoff, but it’s usually in the long-term future.

Why Challenge the Status Quo?

I’ve been creative since birth, so my question to you is, why not challenge the status quo?

The old model is falling apart. You can’t just go to a good school, get good grades, find a good job, and expect to succeed in life. That’s not how it works (even if your parents insist it is).

Today, things are changing at a dizzying pace. Augmented and virtual reality. Artificial intelligence. Blockchain.

These things are coming. And they are here. They are already changing our way of life.

There’s no such thing as a safe, secure, job for life. That idea is outdated. Those jobs are disappearing by the day. Even pension programs are disappearing. We’ll have forgotten them by the time the pandemic is over.

Humanity has a choice. We can either move into the age of intuition and enlightenment or we can move into the age of machines. So far, the machines are winning.

Humanity has a choice. We can either move into the age of intuition and enlightenment or we can move into the age of machines. Click To Tweet

Bottom line – there has never been a better time to be a creative. Your parents or grandparents may not agree. But they grew up in a very different world.

If and when the age of the machine arrives, humanity is going to succumb to unprecedented laziness, inaction, and unquestioning allegiance to their metallic overlords.

Friend, if you’re creative, and you have the desire to create, now is the time. The future is uncertain. We need to enjoy our creative passions while we still can. Now is the time to make a ruckus!

Entrepreneurs Observe What’s Happening & Run the Other Way

If you think it weird that I bring up the example of entrepreneurs, examine your surroundings more closely. You’re on Music Entrepreneur HQ!

The reality is that most things people consider normal and good (status quo) aren’t helping them get anything they truly want in life.

Security and comfort, yes (at least to some extent). Excitement, satisfaction, and fulfillment, no.

Don’t you see the zombies walking the streets?

See, the braver path is pursuing your passion. Following your heart. Living. The “standard” path is for people who are too afraid to rock the boat. They don’t want to admit it, so they become crabs in a bucket instead.

So, when entrepreneurs want to create their dream life, they don’t follow what everyone else is doing. They literally turn and run the other way!

If nothing else, they will have gotten different results (if not better results) than everyone else has gotten. If you look for it, you’ll see it.

Best Status Quo Quote

One of my favorite quotes about status quo comes from Rich Dad Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki (and it also plays well with the theme of this post):

If you want to thrive in today’s economy, you must challenge the status quo and get the financial education necessary to succeed.

Status Quo Band/Music

You’re probably thinking of the English boogie rock band of the same name – Status Quo.

The band was also known as The Scorpions (not “Rock You Like A Hurricane” Scorpions), The Spectres, Traffic Jam, and The Status Quo through the years.

Status Quo is still active to this day, but the only original member with the band is vocalist Francis Rossi.

The band has had many hits through the years, but here’s “Ain’t Complaining” for your listening pleasure:

Final Thoughts

To pursue your passion is to challenge the status quo. Because most people don’t do it, and even those that do often give up on that path!

If you’re serious about making it in music, you can do it. But there is a mountain to climb, and the higher you climb, the more companions you will leave behind.

It’s lonely at the top. And I can tell you from experience it even gets lonely on your way to the top.

But if you see yourself as ambitious, there is no other way. There are no other options. You will never be happy with the status quo.

Embrace your passion. Pursue music. Go for your dreams.

David Andrew Wiebe

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