Can’t seem to keep up with all of your online marketing activities as a musician?

Musician getting frustrated with online marketingIt can be extremely challenging to maintain your social media presence, website and blog as a musician, especially if you don’t know:

  • What to do.
  • What tasks to prioritize.
  • How to stay focused and not get distracted.

I’d like to share with you several important lessons I’ve learned about creating a solid online presence as a musician.

Read on…

Lesson #1: consistency matters.

This lesson isn’t exactly sexy but it is important.

Here’s the thing:

A lot of musicians tend to update their website and post to social media somewhat randomly.

A lack of organization is at the root of this problem, because most musicians don’t know what to post or when. Plus, they don’t realize that you don’t have to spend countless hours on your computer every single day to get results.

Let me prove it to you.

Just think:

  • If you wrote a blog post every single day, you would have 365 posts in a year’s time – maybe 200 if you wanted to take a break here and there. That’s 200 marketing assets passively working for you as you sleep and work on other things!
  • If you left a single comment on a popular blog every single day, how many blog comments would be directing traffic to your website in a year? A whopping 365 comments!

Habits take time to form, but once you’ve established a consistent routine, I guarantee you will see better results from your online efforts.

Does that make sense? Let’s move onto the next lesson…

Lesson #2: you have to tweak your strategy continually.

You have to constantly tweak your strategy as a musicianThere is no such thing as a perfect plan.

If there was, everybody would be successful at what they do!

The point is to: make a plan, get started and keep on going – success loves speed.

But if you misfire, don’t worry – you can always aim later. Ready, fire, then aim. A strategy is less like a bullet and more like an airplane that requires constant course correction to arrive safely at its destination.

Don’t worry too much about trying to see the target right now, because odds are you’re so far from it, you don’t even know where it is!

And that’s because you either don’t know what your goals are, or you only have a vague idea of what you want to achieve. People with real goals are motivated to go after them like there’s no tomorrow!

But the bottom line is this – even the best strategies will do you no good if you aren’t willing to make course corrections and adjustments based on what you learn from taking action.

Now let’s get into…

Lesson #3: step-by-step checklists make your life easier.

We all have a certain amount of willpower, and it diminishes throughout the day.

Think about the number of decisions you have to make the moment you wake up:

  • Whether to hit the snooze button or just get up.
  • Whether to shower or eat first.
  • Whether to eat at home, or buy something on the way to work.
  • What to eat for breakfast.
  • What to wear.
  • Where to park once you’ve arrived at work.
  • etc.

By the time you’ve made all of these decisions, you’ve already burned through a ton of willpower energy!

A lot of the smartest people in existence, both dead or alive, made things easy on themselves by making up their minds in advance.

For example, Steve Jobs chose to wear the same attire every single day so he wouldn’t have to think about what to wear.

The lesson is this – you need a checklist for your online marketing efforts. You can’t and shouldn’t fly by the seat of your pants, because you’re just going to burn yourself out trying to do everything!

You need a process you can follow, because that process will allow you to free up valuable time and energy.

Did you learn something new? This is what it all comes down to…

If you’re:

  • Tired of wasting time online and not getting anywhere.
  • Not seeing any results from your online marketing efforts.
  • Not sure how to keep up with it all.

Then I have a solution that can help you.

It’s called The 60 Minute Online Marketing Checklist for Musicians.

It incorporates all of the lessons we just talked about, and much more.

Most of all, it helps you to work smart instead of just hard.

Busywork doesn’t get you anywhere. Working smart does.

If you’re willing to put in the time and the effort, you will see results. But you have to have a long-term perspective, or you will quit and lose momentum, and that’s a surefire way to fail.

Believe it or not, you can do all of your online marketing in just 60 minutes per day.

So make a decision that counts, and…

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