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Another Indicator That We Are Moving Into A New AgeJust yesterday, I read an article on Lifehack called 10 Things About Love Only Introverts Would Understand.

First of all, I just want to say that this is a great article, and what it has to say about introverts is absolutely true.

I am an introvert myself, and I believe that many of my readers are too. If you happen to be one, a crucial component to your personal growth will be knowing and understanding yourself.

Introverts think a lot. This, combined with the fact that us human beings tend to be negative most of the time, gives us a pretty good idea of why us sensitive types have a tendency to exaggerate our perceived weaknesses and go from one extreme to another emotionally.

A switch happens in our mindset when we see our weaknesses not as things we cannot change, but rather as the way we are. When you develop a strong relationship with yourself, and accept yourself unconditionally, you will see that your weaknesses are actually strengths!

Secondly, I believe the public awareness of introverts, as well as sensitive and intuitive people is about to shoot through the roof. The coming age will not be defined by data, facts, skills and expertise, but rather by an internal knowing of things to come. Because of how much introverts think, they’ve often worked everything out in their mind before anyone has had a chance to think that far ahead.

This is why introverts are going to be more sought after in the new age. People are going to need a better sense of security about what is going to happen in the future. At some point, people are going to come out of their obsession for knowledge, and come to realize that they need to put the pieces together somehow. Introverts will know intuitively where the puzzle pieces fit.

It’s no mystery why a lot of musicians are introverts. Introverts have the innate ability to form their thoughts, put them into lyrics, and be deliberate about the musical expression they create.

David Andrew Wiebe

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