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Admit It To Move Passed ItWe all have problems in our lives. What matters is how we view those problems.

If you’ve done any reading on the topic, you’ve probably heard about the power of words.

What we speak, we get. Our thoughts shape our behavior, and therefore the things we say as well. What starts in the mind has a significant impact on what we do and say – our actions.

We are hung by our tongue. The words we say have the ability to bless or to curse.

When I learned about this, I took it to mean that I could never utter a single negative word, ever again, period.

While it is important to keep a positive mindset, and even choose to observe what comes out of our mouths – so we can correct it – it doesn’t really seem to do us any good to be the word police. That puts us on a track of striving for perfection.

Furthermore, most of us are in the habit of saying what’s happening as opposed to saying what we want. That can keep us locked in an endless loop of saying, getting, saying, getting…

Some experts even say that you can’t be against anything, because whatever you focus on increases. Therefore, there is a need to change what we say when we’re in trying times.

But I think this is also a form of bondage. We trap ourselves into never saying anything negative, which in turn doesn’t allow for meaningful conversation to take place. Therefore, no solutions are forthcoming.

I believe admittance and vulnerability are universal principles. In other words, God honors those who can admit their weaknesses and share their challenges with others.

There’s a difference between admitting something and dwelling on it. I think that’s an important distinction to make.

So, if you really want to move passed something, I think you still have to admit it. We don’t get to keep our challenges self-contained. That is clearly not God’s plan. His plan is to have us work together. The sooner you can share in the burden, the sooner you will see breakthrough in your situation.

David Andrew Wiebe

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