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World-renowned guitarist, founder and CEO of Music Entrepreneur HQ, host of The New Music Industry Podcast, and best-selling author of five books for creatives and musicians, including The New Music Industry and The Music Entrepreneur Code.


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Musician Accomplishments
  • Released two albums, two EPs, and six singles as a solo artist
  • Got coverage for music in CCM Magazine (the Christian equivalent of Pitchfork)
  • Interviewed and music featured on The Antidote
  • Played over 300 shows in western Canada
  • Created, produced, and performed Back on Solid Ground at the Calgary Fringe Festival
  • Earned as much as $800 per gig guesting/session playing
  • Contributed to over six compilation albums
  • Appeared on Frederick Tamagi’s id live DVD
  • Played guitar on multiple The Active Light, Jonathan Ferguson, Long Jon Lev, and Yves and The Talent releases
Music Business Accomplishments
  • Helped crowdfund over $15,000 for a local jazz artist
  • Wrote and self-published five books (three became best-sellers)
  • Blogging for over 24 years
  • Podcasting for over 11 years
  • Co-hosted Inside Home Recording
  • Interviewed several of my heroes, including Riley Armstrong, Derek Sivers, Tommy Tallarico, Pete Lesperance, James Schramko, and others
  • Emcee’d, organized, hosted, and tech hosted hundreds of events
  • Consulted for some high level music business people
  • Co-founded The Indie YYC community
  • Achieved location independence and live a nomadic life
  • Invested in a music industry tech startup
Music Producer Accomplishments
  • Mixed, mastered, and co-produced Andrew Riches’ 12 String Monster

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