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A Once-in-a-Year OpportunityI didn’t always think this way.

There was a time when I thought life is what happened to you. I didn’t believe that I could exert control over my life to any great extent.

Had I stayed there, I’m not sure I would have ever embraced my dream or what that would entail. Going after a dream not only requires determination and perseverance, but a willingness to go out of one’s comfort zone; repeatedly, and for as long as necessary.

Even that’s maybe putting it too kindly. Moving toward your dream is a lifestyle; it doesn’t end, because your dream will keep expanding as long as you’re willing to grow.

The Offer is on the Table

I was once waiting for the opportunities to come to me. I was waiting by the phone, sitting by my computer or wishing that someone would just notice me.

Now I’m in the opposite position. I throw lifelines to people that want more out of life.

What most people don’t know is that opportunities rarely come in neatly wrapped packages. Sometimes they don’t look like you think they are supposed to look.

I think the human tendency to wait for something that looks so ridiculously easy, so pretty and so promising that we end up missing the real opportunities. We forget that everything worthwhile takes time and effort.

I put offers on the table, even if the people I extend a hand to don’t always say “yes”.

Once-in-a-Lifetime Opportunity

But you can only throw pearls to swine so many times. You can’t convince anyone of what their priorities should be; if they really wanted it, their actions would show it.

I think most people would regret passing up an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. How many people go through life saying “no regrets” have the biggest regrets at the end of their lives? You have to risk a little if you want to live with a sense of purpose and finish with a sense of fulfillment.

Once-in-a-Year Opportunity

An once-in-a-lifetime opportunity might be too hard to grasp in real-time, so let’s hit a little closer to home: what about a once-in-a-year opportunity?

This week I’ve been making calls, extending a hand to people I know (an offer worth thousands of dollars, I might add; could add up to millions in the long-term). The answers I’ve gotten so far have been sad – at least from my perspective.

A housewarming party. Mother’s Day. Out of town. Busy this weekend. Got plans this weekend. We’re doing great.

You know what? You’re right. You are doing great. I was wrong in assuming you might want more out of life.

There were only one or two excuses that I might have considered worthy of consideration. Everything else could have been delayed, rescheduled or planned around.

What’s another 12 months, right? There will always be another time. But another 12 months without any changes in your life could be very painful.

I can’t tell anyone what to do, and I will never judge anyone. They know what their dream is, and I definitely can’t tell them that. They have to live with their choices and I have to live with mine.

But no matter. I will keep extending my hand as long as I am able. My goal isn’t to push people down. I believe I was born to lift people up.

Would you take the offer? Most people won’t.

In Summary

  1. There will always be things out of your control, but you can definitely set goals and move in the direction of your dreams.
  2. You have to take action. Opportunities must be created and seized.
  3. You can’t convince someone to appreciate something they probably should.
  4. Problem-solving is just a part of life. If you want to value and honor the opportunities offered you, you might have to re-prioritize.
David Andrew Wiebe

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