When you’re tackling studying and exams, it is hard to find the time for other things. But, musicians have a great advantage compared to other students – they have music on their side. They use it for motivation and inspiration, to keep themselves happy and self-assured, as well as to enjoy their talents.

But, in the midst of all those tasks, where do you fit in music promotion? You already have limited time being a student, so how do you decide how to promote music while in college?

If you try everything you can, every channel and trick, you’ll burn out. Your grades might suffer or your efforts won’t amount to much. Instead of trying the impossible, you must determine the best approach toward music promotion. Seeing how you’re a student, you should also focus on free music promotion, too.

1.  Go on social media

To find the people in your target audience and make them fall in love with your music, you need the best marketing weapons you can find. Today, everything is about social media.

Using social media to promote music is an excellent idea, crucial if you want to get your music out there – and fast. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram allow you to post your videos, lyrics, audio, and publish posts, as well as communicate with your fans. It’s a great way to reach out to your target audience, and doing so costs almost nothing.

Ads on social media are really affordable today and, based on how well you create your social media content strategy, you can reach out to thousands, if not millions of people by using various platforms.

However, you can’t go overboard with social media. Trying to create a profile on every platform will only take away the little time you have. Choose your platforms wisely, create a tailored content marketing plan for each, and start working your way toward recognition.

2.  Own some pages

Social media is one of the best tools for recognition today, but these are shared channels that mark the beginning of your reach. To give people something to visit and get impressed by your good music, you must also create channels that are only yours.

What can you actually own to promote your music on?

Such things include the following:

Website/ Blog

More and more people create their blogs today. Once someone finds you in search engines or social media, or you manage to reach out to your target audience via email marketing – they have to land somewhere to get acquainted with your music. This is the place they’ll go, but only if you make it possible for them.

Creating and maintaining a blog is not a simple endeavor. This is where your writing experience for school comes handy. Who said that you won’t need all those essays? With a couple of tips for students on essay writing and a bit of persistence, you can create a great website or blog that your fans will follow.

Email Marketing

Social media channels use algorithms to determine the content that will reach your target audience. They also require you to be online to comment and post. Email lists and scheduled email marketing strategies simply go into the fans’ inboxes and keep them updated of your latest music, events, and news.

3.  Present Your Music in the Right Way

To be able to present your music to the target audience and get recognized as a great musician, you have to first find a way to get it out there. To do this, you need platforms like YouTube to publish your music videos. In order to share them on your blog or website, or social media platforms, you first need to produce audio and video content.

There are plenty of tools you need for amplification of your music. You’ll need special effects, tools to get the videos ready for different platforms, as well as some streaming services. The goal is to get your music out there, which is why you need streaming platforms like Tidal, Apple Music, Spotify, and Pandora.

To cut down the time needed to tackle all of this, you can use plenty of useful tools as well. Such tools include clouds that let you share your streaming music audio on different platforms, an automated scheduler that lets you post when your fans are online, etc.

The bottom line

Making great music is something not many can do. But, even if you’re great at this, it’s just the first step of many needed for recognition. If you want to get your music out in the open for people to praise and love, you need to dedicate your talents, but also your time and efforts into making this happen.

Emma Rundle

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