Are you wondering how you could be making more money as a music instructor? Is there a way to generate income passively without having to trade hours for dollars?

In this episode of The New Music Industry Podcast, I bring Brent Vaartstra of Passive Income Musician and Learn Jazz Standards back to talk about revenue streams and passive income streams for musicians and music instructors.

Podcast Highlights:

  • 00:18 – Brent Vaartstra is back!
  • 00:47 – What Passive Income Musician is about
  • 02:14 – Is it possible to make income passively?
  • 03:24 – Finding your way as a music instructor
  • 06:26 – Internet marketing is a key component to modern day success as a musician
  • 08:16 – Serving a beginner market
  • 09:30 – What is passive income?
  • 10:18 – What types of revenue streams are there for music instructors?
  • 17:37 – Some income streams are disproportionately better than others
  • 19:20 – Putting ads on your website
  • 20:08 – Membership sites
  • 22:02 – What is your strategy around generating regular sales on eBooks and courses?
  • 23:46 – How important is it to have multiple streams of income?
  • 26:56 – How do you find out more about your audience?
  • 28:02 – Did you have a plan to build Learn Jazz Standards to six figures?
  • 29:45 – Doubling down on what’s working
  • 31:06 – How do you build a large social media following?
  • 35:30 – Final thoughts


Coming soon.

David Andrew Wiebe

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