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Now let's get back to the article.

Looking forward to making this year your best year ever?

Me too!

But that’s going to mean doing things differently, which can be uncomfortable at times!

From my experience, it’s always worth the effort though.

So, let’s explore 12 ways you can make this year your best year ever.

1. Make Health a Priority

You must take care of yourself. And that means eating healthy, exercising, meditating, sleeping, resting, and scheduling recreation time into your life.

When you aren’t at your best, you can’t give your best to others and the projects you’ve committed to. Being overworked, overwhelmed and stressed out leaves you blunt. A blunt knife can’t cut through anything!

When engaged in the work that matters to you, you want to be as sharp as you can possibly be. You’ll get more done in less time!

2. Invest in Your Personal Development

Invest in some great resources and delve into them (you don’t need to go looking elsewhere – we’ve already curated the best tools and resources available – just click on the link).

If you forget all else, remember this:

You’ve got zero skin in the game if you’re not putting any money into the content you consume. That means you: a) won’t take it as seriously, b) have no urgency in applying what you learn, and c) may not follow through on any of the critical steps that will make a difference in your music career.

All things being equal, put money into the content and training you consume. This step alone will have a significant impact on your results (specific recommendations to follow).

3. Commit to Practice & Excellence

Practice applies to everything – not just playing your instrument, composing or writing songs, singing, or mastering your Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) environment.

If you want to live your dream life through music, you’ve got to practice mindset, marketing, business, and networking too! Because, to be honest, this is where your success is going to come from!

If you want to live your dream life through music, you've got to practice mindset, marketing, business, and networking too! Because, to be honest, this is where your success is going to come from! Click To Tweet

4. Find a Mentor or Coach

Most musicians don’t have a mentor, which is why they don’t get as much done, aren’t fired up about living up to their potential, and keep settling for life by default instead of life by design.

Harsh, but true.

If you want to make this your year, you’ve got to find a skilled coach!

5. Tie Up Loose Ends

Forget the new projects. Finish what you’ve already started. You know for a fact you’ve got unfinished music on your hard drive. You might have other creative projects just sitting around the house collecting dust.

Do not work on anything new until you’ve completed what you’ve already started. Because what you’ve already started might be the breakthrough you’ve been hoping for.

Do not work on anything new until you've completed what you've already started. Because what you've already started might be the breakthrough you've been hoping for. Click To Tweet

Also, notice where you feel incomplete in life. Is there a relationship you need to save? A conversation you need to have? A garage full of knickknacks that need to be cleaned out?

This is your year. Time to get on it!

6. Dream-Build on the Weekends

Instead of loafing on the couch, watching TV, or playing video games, actively dream-build with your significant other, band mates, or friends on the weekends. Have some fun with it!

Buy a travel magazine. Post pictures up around your house and in your dream book (make a dream book if you don’t have one). Test-drive your dream car(s). Ask a realtor to take you to some million-dollar-homes.

As Napoleon Hill said:

Whatever your mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.

7. Attend Workshops, Conventions & Other Events

Don’t worry too much about which event. Just start getting out there. You’ll figure out the rest.

I had an amazing time at the DIY Musician Conference in 2019. You can find out what happened here.

Going to events allows you to engage in personal growth, get connected with people, learn about the latest industry trends, and more. Done the right way, this will contribute to your career growth more than anything else!

8. Commit to Frequency

If you write blog posts, set up a schedule to roll them out daily, weekly, or monthly. If you produce podcast episodes or videos, likewise get on a regular schedule. Publish more.

If you’re a recording artist, consider recording more singles and EPs, or put together demo packages as free downloads.

9. Stretch Your Comfort Zone

Try something new and different. Talk to a stranger. Call up old friends. Go to a Meetup group you’ve never been to before.

Basically, go skydiving (you don’t have to go skydiving literally, but you know what I’m getting at).

10. Travel or Take Road Trips

Spend time away from home, and explore the world. It will get you out of your routine, and therefore any ruts you’ve been stuck in.

Ever so often, you must be intentional about inviting fresh experiences into your life, Your brain automatically deletes familiar experiences (e.g. your commute to work, your average workday, etc.), which is why it can seem like “time is speeding up” as you age.

Not so when you pursue new experiences.

11. Visualize & Meditate on Your Success

Visualize the success you want to achieve in your life. See it in your mind’s eye.

Imagine everything in detail. Imagine sights, smells, sounds, colors, sentences or phrases you would say when you accomplish your goals, and so on.

12. Get My Book, Start Your Year the Right Way

Having read this far, you’re obviously serious about your own growth. So, don’t leave here today having committed to nothing.

No action, no reward. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Pick up a copy of my book, Start Your Year the Right Way, and begin building towards the life you’ve always wanted:

Start Your Year the Right Way: Goal-Setting, Planning & Achieving Big in Your Music Entrepreneurship Career

David Andrew Wiebe

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