In a global age, music tends to cross boundaries even more than in the past. That means reaching a global audience isn’t just a dream anymore.

Today, there are many opportunities for reaching a global audience. Thanks to the internet, YouTube Music, Spotify, and other tools, you can reach people of any age, origin, or interest.

But just because it’s a possibility doesn’t mean you can set the process on autopilot.

Read on to learn about the 10 ways you can reach a global audience in 2020.

1. Cast a Wider Net with Musical Genres

Even the most mainstream music genres like pop or rock music have their origins. For example, rock evolved from blues music, which was created by a broad African diaspora in America. Unsurprisingly, rock fans may also enjoy the related world genres which have the same origins or are close historically and culturally.

2. Collaborate with Other Musicians

Worldwide promotion is made easier with the right collaborative opportunities. If there’s a market you want to break into, consider working with an artist who’s already established in that market.

For example, Radiohead’s collaboration with Rajasthani made the latter extremely popular due to their brilliant co-written track.

3. Share Your Views

There is a great deal going on environmentally, politically, and socially. Sharing your views allows you to connect with an audience that shares your thoughts and opinions. And when they resonate with your message, they are more likely to listen to your music too.

Further, reaching charities, conferences, and various other organizations will greatly help with finding more listeners.

4. Learn New Languages to Connect with Your Global Audience

Although English is believed to be a universal language (of sorts), 60% of the Earth’s population doesn’t speak it.

To win your target audience, you need to communicate in other languages. Leverage trusted human translation service and make the most of your lyrics and promotional campaigns. Some of the most important languages nowadays are Spanish, Chinese, Russian, and Hindi, because they help you reach evolving markets where the competition may not be as fierce.

5. Don’t Try to Win Over Everyone

People differ and their tastes do, too. They often stick to the same genres over a lifetime and if they search for something new, it’s like to be in a related genre.

So, don’t worry about trying to win everyone. Just be good at what you do and be uniquely you.

6. Build Your Online Global Audience

Accounts on Twitter, Bandcamp, Spotify, Facebook, and other platforms will help you increase your visibility. A great number of people go online every day, and you don’t want to miss out on the opportunity.

Take advantage of built-in advertising functionality and use the right language to connect with your target market.

If you’re not sure how to translate your messages into different languages, you can take advantage of this list of the best translation companies, and choose one to your liking. By catering to your target market, you will reach a broader audience overseas.

You can also participate in specialized groups and forums in your music genre to make your project name a buzzword.

7. Work on Your Visual Identity

You may write the best music in the world but have an unappealing brand and amateurish music videos.

If you want to connect with a larger audience, you must place a higher importance on your visual brand.

You don’t need to be posh, luxurious, or expensive. But you do want to make sure your visual identity ties in closely with your music to attract the right listeners.

8. Take Advantage of Data & Analytics to Find Your Global Audience

Popular streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music have easy-to-understand analytics tools that help you get to know your audience better.

Such platforms as Spotify or Apple Music have easy-to-understand analytic tools that will help you get to know your global audience.

Demographics, like their age, country of origin, cities, and others can all prove beneficial in understanding who you’re reaching.

9. Develop & Execute an International Marketing Campaign to Reach a Global Audience

Do your research. Find playlists, influencers, blogs, music journalists, and other notable media outlets in the market you’re targeting. Leverage these connections to grow your reach.

You may spend hours sending emails to different people, but at the end of the day, you might be one “yes” away from being in the position you want to be in.

10. Be Clear on Your Goals

Establishing your long-term and short-term goals is essential. They motivate you to broaden your horizons and help you invent new ways of reaching people worldwide.

Also, don’t forget about your budget and be deliberate about it to foster the best outcomes.

Global Audience, Summary

Without a doubt, the global music market is saturated, and winning your audience may not be as easy as you think. But if you follow the advice above, you will attract loyal listeners that will admire you.

Remember to promote, attract audiences who are interested in similar genres, collaborate with the other artists, and develop your online visibility.

Don’t forget to learn and study new languages or take advantage of translation services to share your message with new audiences.

And most importantly, be original. Be yourself. Because people value authenticity more than ever.

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